“Stop Trading
For Money”



“Stop Trading Time For Money”

Ex-corporate Business Manager turned Internet Business Strategist, Kev Williamson dissects, refines and automates many of the business models used by today’s digital entrepreneurs.

His  network of high-worth business partners, and his involvement with the inner circles of both marketing and internet software developers, allows him to stack the most advanced software tools on top of the highest performance business models to get maximum Leverage on investment.


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From the Desk of Kev Williamson:

Everyone Needs A Mentor

“Forget formal education, you need to be put through your paces by people who’ve been at the sharp end. You need People and Mentors with proven Systems and Flexible methods.”

“Yes, Education and Learning are at the centre of it all, but the internet is fluid. You need Short-Cuts, you need Systems, and you need reliable Partners working across domains to keep you in the game.”

“As part of our Services, we propose a Free “Online KickStart” session to rapidly define a fully functionally Online Business that suits your financial goals. To benefit from this service, scroll down through the outline below and Hit The Button at the bottom of the page to reserve your spot.”


Kev Williamson

Your 4-Step “Online KickStart”

Define, Launch, and Scale. Begin Your journey towards the Freedom and Independence of a Long-Term Sustainable Online Income. We keep the process simple to reduce barriers, and adapt our resources to ensure we can give you a plan adapted to your goals.

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Building Blocks

We’ll help you set goals and recommend resources to get you off to a quick start.

Start With A Plan

We’ll connect you with Partners that will guide you through your new business plan from Day 1. You can choose the pace, and workload that suits You.

All The Tools You'll Need

Every KickStart we recommend comes with video training, coaching, and an online community. You are in control, and You decide how your business grows.

Time Is Of The Essence

We have fully automated Done For You systems that will get you up and running instantly.

Learn And Scale At Your Own Pace

With access to training systems and the most successful coaches in the world, you can design and scale your Business to suit your Lifestyle.

Sales Teams And Support Desks

If you don’t want to do your own Sales or Support we’ll find you a KickStart that takes it out of your hands.



Zero to Launch in under 24 Hours, using our preferential partnerships.



Done For You systems, video training, personalised development.



Automate, Control, Release. Your business, Your choice.

Limited Sessions Available

Once we reach our limit of Serious Applicants we shut until the next month.

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