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Before I get into why Online Kickstart is the closest thing to a success shortcut you’ll ever find, I want to tell you a little about my story.

What’s exciting is that you are here and now and you have the chance I wish someone gave me when I first got started.

Because I didn’t reach success overnight.

For years I strived to be someone of value to society…

I struggled to find the right opportunity, the right business or system that could make all the difference to my life.

Just like you, I  wanted time freedom, money freedom, location freedom. To live a lifestyle of my own choosing.

Several years ago, I made a decision to create freedom in my life….

The internet wasn’t the first place I looked to start a business, but I knew I had to start somewhere so I looked at all my strong points for some direction. Being a native English speaker in France was surely  a bonus, so I started a translation business. Doubling up on my expertise in engineering and management I decided technical translation was the way to go.

Wow, was I struggling to get things done there. It wasn’t the job, it was the time!

Technical translation is a long process, and I was against the clock on patents and copyrights. That stuff has to be perfect and the content was really in depth. I was just burning day after day knowing that there was a ceiling to how much a person could physically do…

I would never be able to scale it, even if I was good at it.

And automating! Forget that too. anyone that tells you google translate is great doesn’t speak the target language. They just copy the closest thing in the search engine, so even if you are brave enough to use it the whole thing has to rewritten and corrected to fit.

So automation was off the cards, and like any business where you can’t automate and you can’t scale…the ceiling is pretty low when it comes to income.

Many people might say, “Yes, but you work for yourself and have a guaranteed income”.

Yeah, right. Guaranteed to be average for the rest of my life.

So I started looking elsewhere, and this time for something I could automate and something I could scale. The internet was the obvious place. Why pick a business that has a few loyal customers in the vicinity when you can choose from a few Billion customers all over the world.

Now that is something you can scale!

Off I went into the lonely world of sitting in front of a screen trying to find out how to make money on the internet.

And guess what? That’s not as easy as looks either.

Sure there are lots of ways to make money, but which ones really work? And out of the ones that work, which ones scale?

The only way to find out was to do them…all of them. Or at least as many off them as I could manage. So again I began the long hard slog of learning how these things worked. I literally spent weeks that turned into months, and months that turned into a year. I ran through all the best known internet models out there, investing money, time, and heartache trying to figure it all out.

“And did it work?” I hear you ask.

Yeah, sure, I had some success. But I wasn’t the dreamboat ride I had imagined. I knew the pot of gold was out there, but figuring it out for myself was just killing me. Even if I understood everything in detail I still didn’t have a magic bullet.

I have news for you…Magic bullets are hard to come by.

So what I did next was turn to my previous experience. My talents and strengths that I had used throughout my previous careers.

One thing was clear. When I had a corporate job I was only ever as good as the team that supported me. When I needed an expert I went to the best guy in the building and asked his advice. If I had a logistics problem, I’d find the best logistics guy in the company and seek his advice to solve my problem rapidly and easily. Same for finance, same for operations.

So what the hell was I doing groping around in the dark trying to do everything for myself.

A second thing was clear to me too. I was translating patents. These patents are the successful results of thousands of hours of painstaking failures that whole teams of engineers had spend years of failure trying to get right.

Why was I spending years of my own time failing?

Satisfaction when I got it right? No, that just didn’t make sense either.

What I needed was an already successful team, and already successful products. I sure as hell did not need to keep doing everything by myself, even if I had my own products.

It was time to stop investing so much of my own time, and start investing in the successful people.

I needed a team of A-players around me, and I needed to leverage their experience and their products.

Yes, it did take me some more time, but where is your time and money better spent?

On something you are told will make you a million, or on the a millionaire that will teach you how to make a million?

This time I went out and looked. I started online, but then I physically went to meet the people. To see for myself what extremely successful people looked like, sounded like, and most of all what they shared like.

How much of these years of experience were they prepared to share with me?

Don’t get me wrong, I was investing money to do this. But what I needed to do was to talk to them, and to listen to them. I needed them to advise me and I needed them to take some of the weight for me.

Now this was a reasonable simple task for me. I had been following a bunch of top internet entrepreneurs for some time, and I had narrowed my right list down. I was looking for people who I considered would not only be an asset and A-player in my online business, but people who were capable of taking my whole business forward.

And this is the short version of how I first found myself in London face to face with Shaqir Hussyin, one of the worlds most successful internet entrepreneurs.

Shaqir is one of those people that normally you only hear about. You see how successful he is, you hear how many businesses he has created (at still only 27 years of age), and you aspire to follow a similar kind of path. But you never get to meet them.

Well not me, I don’t do that. When I have something on my mind I get out there and I act on it. We often have the impression that these people are unapproachable; that they have something that we do not, something that puts a distance between us.

I’m here to tell you that the only things that are creating that distance are “You” and “Time”. People like Shaqir and myself have the same drive and ambition that you are feeling right now, and we have the power to act on those ambitions just like you are going to do right now.

Shaqir has helped many people over the years, myself included, and now it’s my turn to pass on my experience in the same way. Today I’m offering to help you.

So are you going it alone, or are you in?