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Amazon Research Tools, and Why You Would Need Them

For a number of years now Chris Guthrie and Dave Guidon have consistently worked in and on Amazon business models. Amasuite is the fruit of this long-term partnership, and one that has been continually ripened throughout the seasons. Both the Amazon Affiliate Program and more recently with the explosion of the Amazon FBA business this duo have been at the forefront of software development for exploiting Amazon’s global ecommerce platform for what seems like a generation of entrepreneurial launches.

For anyone thinking of investing in expensive FBA coaching programs you’ll be glad to know that the current version of the Amasuite research tool comes with a membership area bursting with affiliate training. Although not specifically tailored to FBA, you’ll get a taste of the Amazon business and what Amasuite can do to boost your efforts before you decide whether private labelling is for you. in my mind this sort of content alone is sufficient to warrant the extremely low price tag that this bundle carries.

I have followed Chris since 2012, and watched as he has not only built himself an outstanding business inside of Amazon, but also an Amazon analysis software business on the outside. Chris and Dave have been able to define and create exactly the kind of software tools that they needed to succeed themselves, and them package it in a format that enables users to pick it up and run with it. Today’s Amasuite constantly adds and refines tools that the ever-increasing user base is craving for.

Imagine being able to retrieve and filter thousands of lines of product data from Amazon listings to not only find the details that make existing products a success, but to find the gaps in the market to create your own private label products.

If you run the Associates Program you’ll be able to target markets and content for your affiliate websites or Ad campaigns.

Among an extensive set of Apps you’ll find:

  • Azon Top 100 Analyser
  • Azon Keyword Generator
  • Azon Product Inspector
  • Azon Review Finder

As a bonus you’ll get the AmaSync WordPress Plugin which will allow you to pull data directly of Amazon and on top your website to fill your review sites with up-to-date information and professional looking graphics.

There is a multitude of training once inside the members area, that not only covers the software but also niche marketing in general. Along with a private Facebook community and Chris Podcasts (featuring many successful Amazon sellers ) you should have enough support to either get your business up and running, or give it a kick in the pants.

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