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LinkedIn Ads Made Easy

<h4>Easy to apply LinkedIn Ads Video Training, designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of LinkedIn Advertising.</h4>

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1Free Preview

Section 2LinkedIn Ads Basics
Lecture 2
Section 3Why Use LinkedIn Ads
Lecture 3
Section 4Setting Up A Company Page
Lecture 4
Section 5The Requirements For A Company Page
Lecture 5
Section 6How To Add A Company Page
Lecture 6
Section 7Setting Up Your Ad Campaigns
Lecture 7
Section 8Creating A Text Ad
Lecture 8
Section 9Creating Direct Sponsored Content
Lecture 9
Section 10Managing Your Campaigns
Lecture 10
Section 11Performance And Reporting
Lecture 11
Section 12Advanced Ad Strategies
Lecture 12
Section 13Applying Best Practice
Lecture 13
Section 14Targeting Like A Pro
Lecture 14
Section 15Applying Premium Tips
Lecture 15
Section 16Driving Quality Leads
Lecture 16
Section 17Top Questions Answered
Lecture 17
Section 18Additional Tips To Consider
Lecture 18
Section 1910 Don't To Avoid
Lecture 19
Section 20Premium Tools And Services
Lecture 20
Section 21Shocking Case Studies
Lecture 21
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