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Single Payment Webinar Software

WebinarX is rare among webinar products. For a single one-off payment you’ll be able to run webinars as often as you want, schedule replays whenever you want, and even Brand the platform under your own insignia.

Most webinar platforms have expensive monthly subscriptions and limits on the number of people that can attend, but WebinarX shortcuts these by using Google hangs-outs on the back end. That means you have the reliability of a Google platform built into the engine.

Are there any downsides?

Nothing major. You’ll get a slight lag when attendees are posting questions, but let’s face it picking up questions in the middle of your presentation is off-putting at the best of times. Simply adapt the way you broadcast by requesting that questions are posted during the presentation and will be picked up during Q&A at convenient points. It’s often impossible to pick up all questions on air, so indicate that you’ll pick up the remainder off-air and maybe answer everything in a private Facebook group.

How much do you save?

Monthly webinar services can cost up to $500 per Month. WebinarX comes in below $50 on the front end, and if you require a few add-ons you’ll have a small upgrade fee.

In all you’ll get a highly usable, and brand-able, Webinar platform for a one-off payment starting at only $47…a fraction of the price of a single monthly payment elsewhere.

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